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The following is a list of attacks in the game Ember Strike.

List of Mini-Games[edit | edit source]

Mini-game skill - The more accurate you are, the more damage you do. If you aren't hitting your shots, it doesn't matter how fast you are collecting mana. Mini-games capture mana stones. Matching your captured mana stones is the only way to activate strikes. If you aren't striking, then you're going to lose. 

List of Strikes[edit | edit source]

Strike Strategy - A lot of minions have conditions on their strikes like Duke Bot. If you're putting Duke Bot at the top of your party, then you're limiting how many targets he'll be able to hit with his strike. If a minion's strike is better early game, like Ivy Bomb, then you should place them at the top of your party since strikes activate top to bottom.

List of Ultimates[edit | edit source]

Ultimate Attacks are attacks specific to a Hero.

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