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The following is a list of quests in the game Ember Strike. There are also Daily quests.

List of Map Quests[edit | edit source]

Name Description Rewards
Journey Begins Learn to Fight! +5 Gems
+5 Embers
Party Time Fight with Two Minions! +10 Embers
Defeat Agnar Convince Agnar to join your Team. Agnar joins Team.
Toxic Slimes Clean the street of Slimes! +5 Embers
Killer Rabbits Stop the cute but deadly infestation ahead! +20 Embers
Seeing Red Clear the way of enraged Slimes! +5 Embers
Flying Menace Defeat the bat and his partners! +20 Embers
Adorably A pink bunny has appeared! Save us! +25 Embers
The Market Defend the Market from rampaging monsters! +10 Embers
Firey Danger Stop the magma demon from burning down the town! +10 Embers
Wishing Well Protect the well from evil wishes! +10 Embers
Defeat Treant Beat the mini boss to unlock PVP! +20 Embers
Rising Goo Investigate reports of a huge red goo! +10 Embers
Homestead Save the nearby home from the green slime terrorizing it! +10 Embers
Water Vamp Don't let the blue bat dehydrate the town! +10 Embers
Fluffy Return Check reports of another pink bunny ahead! +10 Embers
Unappetizing Repel the mountain of goo moving towards the Village! +10 Embers
Twisted Path Fight your way down the twisted path! +10 Embers
Outskirts Continue looking for the leader of the monsters! +10 Embers
Spectacled Confront the bat wearing fashionable eyewear! +10 Embers
Pre Dawn Push through the last of the enemies protecting the boss! +10 Embers
Beat Fang Defeat Fang and save the Village! Fang joins team.

+15 Embers

Ahead Check the big headed enemy ahead! +5 Embers
Orc Be Gone Block the badlands monsters from entering the village! +5 Embers
Pursuer Beat the huge goo that followed you from the village! +5 Embers
The Advisor Subdue the orc coordinating an offensive! +5 Embers
Lil Warrior Combat the small orc blocking you! +5 Embers
Magical Muck Duel the exceptionally magical slime ahead! +5 Embers
Odd Pair Engage the brown pair of orcs! +5 Embers
Ultra Violet Incapacitate the purple magma demon! +5 Embers
Defusal Squad Defuse the explosive plan of the orc ahead! +5 Embers
Eclipser Take on the flying ball of darkness! +5 Embers
Swamp Sludge Drive back the slimy bog monster! +5 Embers
Bat Lord Fight the self proclaimed king of the bats! +5 Embers
Pillar Keep the nearby enemies from blocking your path! +5 Embers
Crafty Overwhelm the devious green orc! +5 Embers
The Berserker Beat the raging orc! +30 Embers
Pitched Camp Help the travelers camping nearby! +5 Embers
Feeling Blue Face the master of dampness! +5 Embers
Ball of Fury Take on the red orc! +5 Embers
Mini Malice Thwart the peon trying to lead his people to war! +5 Embers
Sunny Goop Brawl the magical sunny goop! +5 Embers
Tough Fluff Show your mettle in a fight against the bunny of the night! +5 Embers
Swiped Boxes Secure the stolen supplies! +5 Embers
Overgrowth Trim the plant ahead! +5 Embers
Fuzzy Ninja Challenge the dark bunny! +5 Embers
Tusk Trio Disarm the teethy orcs! +5 Embers
Overseer Prove your strength in battle against the orc chief! +5 Embers
Badlands Remove the enemies ahead from your path! +5 Embers
Roll Out Stop the return of the ball of fury! +5 Embers
Arched Fight the huge red slime by the arch! +5 Embers
Beat Bao Defeat Chairman Bao and save the valley! Chairman Bao joins team.

+20 Embers

Beat Hands Defeat Chief Little Hands! +20 Embers
Beat Conjurer Defeat the evil Conjurer! +25 Embers

List of Non-Linear Quests[edit | edit source]

Name Description Rewards
Pumping Iron Train a Minion to level 3! +20 Embers
All Together Train a party of five Minions to level 3! +10 Embers
Well Trained Train a party of five Minions to level 10! +10 Embers
Full Power Get your fifth Minion! +25 Embers

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